Startup founder

LangBay is a translation services auction system that joins demand (people, companies) with supply (professional translators) (hibernated due to lack of business skills).

Replayed - A tool for writing and managing markdown documents

*scala.js · Monix · ScalaTags · uPickle · uTest · bootstrap

Scalajs Rx IDb - DBMS for IndexedDB engine, based on Rx principles (type safety, resilience, backpressure, user friendly (reduces all Idb CRUD features to 4 API methods)

*scala.js · Monix · uPickle · uTest

Scalajs Gremlin Client - Gremlin-Server client with ad-hoc extensible, reactive, typeclass based API allowing for using turing complete graph traversal language gremlin to query graph databases from browser

scala.js · reactive-websocket · Monix · uPickle · uTest

Reactive Websocket - Very light websocket server and browser client based on Rx principles

scala.js · scala · java-websocket · Monix · uPickle · uTest

Scala.js keyboard polyfill - Improves keyboard event handling experience in hostile browser environment and allows for avoiding onpress events that are cross-browser incompatible and soon to be deprecated