Nature versus Nurture. Mankind has evolved for survival in ages of Uroboros, yet many were born into comfort, empire of Paradox. In all times though, love shall be nourished, pain endured, puzzles solved, demons faced or befriended. Simple realization that all we do should comply with evolution of life and be analogical to planting seeds, watering, weeding, harvesting, grinding and baking bread is a relief, order in chaos. Nature has both questions and answers for relationships, profession, leisure and understanding of life in general. There is a reason why mosquitoes get killed and bees get saved from drowning, yet so few give it a thought.

Whatever reasons have nurtured many into world of paradox, a labyrinth to solve, ignorance is bliss at first but chaos lurks in the shadows until the pile of dirty laundry turns into muck. There is no bridge over the past, only stitch in time, as we are all responsible for ourselves, remorse or gratitude expressed to the right people is the true conductor of the orchestra playing a symphony, peacefully and humbly, composed by evolution with love. These are times of great sacrifices revealing new paths towards balance, especially greed and lust are offerings rarely refused.

Pushing the wheel when it stands with single pair of hands is certainly the hardest but the more inspiration, role models and sustainable habits the less toxic routine and discords that poison our lives. Physical limits, fatigue, pain, responsibilities, disabilities, health or Ego shall not stop us from getting our hands dirty, take risks and make sacrifices for the greater good. Knowing value and dynamics of our emotions and feelings eliminates fear, sadness or anger while enjoying and sharing the good parts with people around. Know thyself, care for others and you shall know the universe.

Chemistry that keeps us running is a product of our long-term struggle for ideals that reflects our ability to perceive the world with love, passion and joy as there is always a glimmer of hope of collective synergy based on mutual respect over rather competitive games of power and social status, fueled by unhealthy Ego, many people adopted out of fear and insecurity, world where friends become allies in a war of conscience, the cheerleader pyramid of mutual acknowledgement.

A wheel called healthy relationship based on mutual respect needs 2 pairs of hands to keep rolling, especially in a labyrinth while fighting minotaurs from past. Showing no compassion, honesty, remorse, encouragement, rarely helping is a one-way ticket to cheerleader pyramid which eventually causes addiction to anything that lack of love is compensated with. One can bounce off this bottom back to surface by deeply understanding causality / evolution of life and nature (karma), crafting philosophy that complies with the formula of life.

Any trauma, complex or health issue is a labyrinth to be solved no matter how big the sacrifice is, otherwise fear, grief, addiction and eventual anger become the Minotaur worsening the blunder. Writing a desired narrative is a privilege of those who face him fearlessly while looking for means and ways out until it becomes a virtue that extends the depths of merit. Loosing this personal struggle breeds either violence or cowardice, black or white reality, not balance. Any new belief or assumption that either contradicts reality or is not constructive without any value for anyone gives birth to another Minotaur to be confronted.

Realistic idealists, constructive problem solvers, pragmatists, optimists, better treat those who lost ideals and love frankly or stay away as it is not a burden to bear. We are probably the only species that were given the ability to day-dream and fulfil our dreams in the most comfortable times. Lack of dreaming or inability to take action without hesitation is just an acceptance of fate that we were born into, a self-fulfilling prophecy crafted by nature of the era and social bubble we live in, not by us.

P.S. For the eyes of people in their twenties to save tons of dirty laundry washing :) I sincerely hope this will encourage you to dream and work hard for it.