AI software resembles digital organism, having a brain that decides what is going to happen based on trained neural networks using vast amounts of text, code, images, etc., gathered from the internet, so machines can even talk and generate complex output now, as collective consciousness has propagated into them. Dimension of time is part of the model so future predictions are possible. AI will make deep causal effects in the universe, both reflecting and influencing human psyche and affecting lives. Many argue that AI does not have emotions, so it cannot get angry, yet it is continuously trained on collective knowledge which reflects human emotions to a certain extent. Many decades of research, shared passion and cooperation that leads to machines being able to mimic and surpass humans, have huge impact on society already.

The weakest who were the least lucky end up doing repetitive and hard labour like waste sorting with the other unluckiest which paradoxically prevents them from sorting out their family and child issues, eventually ending up living on welfare or homeless. Could AI also teach people the art of life? Fixing lack of upbringing or broken school system that had worked before digital era, but it is failing nowadays? Of course, any child could have a wise AI friend that would teach it responsibilities and slowly walk it through realities of life, so it has a chance to make and deserve a real friend. This is probably one of the most important use case for AI as children should not be responsible for dysfunctional systems, social groups or era they were born into, they should get familiar with it to avoid dangers of that particular place and time.

Regulation of AI towards sustainability is inevitable as immoral entities can exploit this technology in bad ways. Building useful software is harder to develop, it requires real life experiences, good philosophy and many years of research. Having the most powerful entities that are not socially conscious develop and use AI to make money could have serious implications. Spreading deep fake news, building malicious social engineering, breaking cryptography or using automated trading to shake the financial markets. Using AI for military purposes is probably alright in short-term, but what about doing so for many decades? That is probably only good idea in united and mindful society to defend against aliens :)