Collaboration on development process

Let's build DApps and design smart contracts together. Most often it is just a mobile app talking to blockchain node's API, submitting transactions and checking blockchain state.

No need for servers, DevOps or Cloud

DApps are leveraging existing peer-to-peer network most of the time, some specific use cases require running a blockchain node on a cheap machine.

Foster innovation

Public blockchain may very soon become empowered by startups around the world with capabilities that might easily supersede current government, banking, insurance and other similar centralized systems. Not keeping up with such progress causes high opportunity costs in long term.

Under the hood

DApps have the same Look & Feel for the end user as classic apps. They are transparent for all participants who need to trust each other as contracts are not papers written by lawyers, enforced by good will or court. They are built by engineers and processed by public peer-to-peer network of blockchain nodes.

Let's put the pieces together

In order to replace traditional banking, insurance or exchanges, we need to integrate the mathematically precise smart contracts on blockchain with the external world through Oracles that provide time series data about prices, weather, sport results, etc. That finally allows for coding world transforming DApps.

Who is in control?

Centralized software and databases are not suitable for handling sensitive data. It can be hacked and viewed by engineers or high ranking officials. Only you own your data on blockchain and only you can allow anyone else to access it, unless you give away your secret keys.

Global digital identity

Which allows for building services like Electronic Health/Medical Records, globally acceptable proofs of education, ownership, etc. Imagine no need for plastic ID cards, credit cards, driver's licenses, paper contracts. Just a Digital Identity that one can bind any service, documents or property to.

Skip the paperwork

We need an intermediary whenever there is a trust concern between cooperating parties, very complex legal contracts to be written, read and signed by all parties. Smart contracts on blockchain make trust issues disappear using math and cryptography.

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Let's see some examples

Just note that smart-contract enabled blockchains are relatively new technology and we are still in the pioneering era.

Ergo μExplorer

Ergo Explorer/Analyzer

Supplementary Ergo chain explorer/analyzer with Cassandra backend

Let's join forces

Feel free to let us know through Telegram or Twitter.

Be patient

Adopting decentralized technology takes time and a lot of studying as it's a mind blowing paradigm shift.

Cooperate and experiment

We are willing to help out with the initial hassles as we've been through them already.

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