Provides software development and consultation services with specialization on distributed data processing using mainly Scala ecosystem and decentralized apps on Hyperledger, Daml, Cardano and Ergo.

A pragmatist is concerned with results, not reality.

Pragmaxim is concerned with both results and reality. We love participating on projects with positive environmental, social and economic impact towards better sustainability, synergy and harmony, including fintech on blockchains, healthcare, welfare or anything eco-friendly that reduces toxic environmental effects.

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Jakub Liška

I've been working in SW engineering since 2009 on various projects meeting great people I could learn from. Applying technology that I like in a meaningful way gives me joy, purpose and I do it with pleasure.

I could be considered a fullstack developer with leading potential and main specialization on Scala backend, distributed, high-throughput data stream processing and persistence, blockchains, healthcare, etc.

Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast.


Czech University of Life Sciences
Economics, Master’s degree
Waterford Institute of Technology
SW Development & Applied Computing, Master studies


Currently researching and implementing e-government level decentralized Health Care system using Daml and Hyperledger : Daml Healthcare.



Mindfulness is merely just deep awareness of causality.

Narrative written with virtue and merit shall be lived fearlessly.

Bend the knee with love and smile before time does.

Captain's log

ZIO, order in chaos

Pedantic friend that helps you keep your workplace tidy

Ethical Dilemmas of AI

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Done lately

Decentralized Healthcare application for healthcare claims processing, starting with the referral from the Primary Care Provider to a specialist until the payment for procedure by Insurance Company.

Supplementary, lightweight (μ = micro) Ergo chain explorer & analyzer with Cassandra backend, designed and implemented after researching current blockchains weak spots.



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Any software engineer of similar values and experience with Tech we use is welcome to join.

Any business that requires software engineers or skill set that fit our profile is welcome to reach out to us.


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Sepapaja tn 6, Tallinn, 15551, Estonia


Prague, Troja